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Getting Your Resume Ready for VISTA+

A good resume is a key component in the job application process. And as you begin to use the Vista+ platform having a resume you’re proud of will make the search process easier and your candidacy stronger!  

Resumes work to catch the eye of a recruiter or company by representing candidates briefly, like the trailer to a movie or cover of a book. You can think of your resume as a sales pitch. They should be clear, effective, suited to each recipient, and free of spelling or grammatical errors.    

It is vital to remember that there is no perfect resume. Each person should present their value and uniqueness in their own way. The following tips are meant to help you create a resume that will display your skills and passions with the aim of landing your next job in tech.   

Select your resume format.  

First impressions weigh greatly when introducing yourself to new people and potential employers. How one presents and carries themselves can mean the difference of leaving positive or negative impressions to others. In the case of resumes, this would be its format. Your resume should highlight your experiences and highlight your candidacy for the position you are applying to. At a glance, a recruiter should be able to gather a sense of who you are. The most common features of a resume include:  

  • Name and contact information (including your email and/or phone number and links to professional profiles) 
  • Work Experience 
  • Education and Training 
  • Relevant Skills, Accolades, and Awards

These elements should be conveyed concisely that makes them easy to read. Typically, resumes fit on a single page making them 475-600 words in length. Some people will choose to list their education before their experiences and vice versa. However, the most important thing is that your resume is free of all spelling and grammar mistakes. Recruiters are busy people, especially in the tech world. While the document should be visually appealing, make sure you do not go overboard with style and formatting.  

Effectively use bullet points. 

Bullet points convey information effectively and efficiently. Traditional paragraphs are bulky and can be overwhelming for a reader. You should limit the number of bullets you include beneath each experience to 2-4, spanning across 1-2 lines per point.   

Here are two examples of bullet points you may see on a resume:  

  • Responsible for overseeing a customer service team migration to a new web platform. 
  • Directed a team of 5 customer service specialists through the adoption of a new sales platform leading to 20% sales increase.  

The second point is stronger because it uses explicit language to detail the candidate’s impact. The best bullets will use strong, varied, and active verbs. While bullet points may incorporate the responsibilities you had at each job, the day-to-day duties you held are not a resume they are a job description. Using numbers and specifics can also transform lackluster bullet points.   

Adjust your resume accordingly!  

While your resume should accurately reflect your experiences, you may benefit tremendously from making resumes unique to each application. Study the job posting a highlight the keywords mentioned. Then, adjust your resume accordingly. However, you need to ensure that you back up your accomplishments with evidence and should not over-commit to skills or honors which you do not have. But, finding the right words will help separate you from other applicants.   

It is also important to pay attention to the hard and soft skills that tech employers are looking for. If the job description contains a section listing required or ideal qualifications that you possess, be sure to mention those attributes on your resume. If you don’t match all of them, don’t fret! This is a great place to start understanding the industry better by investing in training, classes, and finding opportunities to gain experience. Remember, your resume reflects who you are. As you grow as a professional and gain new experiences, it will change!   

Edit and review, again and again. 

Even though you’ve done great work it is always important to have someone review it. They can provide an extra set of eyes to help you fix any spelling or grammar mistakes, suggest changes, or help you remember things you forgot.   

While you could ask a friend or family member, it is even better if you are able to ask someone from within the tech industry. They can give you helpful feedback on the adjustments you need to make to land the job you want based on their experiences.  

Now, you’re on your way! These suggestions will help you secure an interview at a company and land your new job. Over time make sure you adjust your resume to your new experiences and think about the process as an art, not a science. And of course, use your newly refined resume to apply to jobs on the VISTA+ site!