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Brain Drain Explained

Brain Drain is a growing issue for many Caribbean countries, including the Virgin Islands. It affects migration, talent, economics, and the quality of life for Virgin Islanders. In this blog post, we take a look at the causes of Brain Drain from the Virgin Islands, the impact on migration, talent, and economics, and how to build resilience against it. We will also explore ways to encourage Virgin Islanders to #comehome and use their skills and technology to build a better future for the territory and their families.

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The Causes of Brain Drain from the Virgin Islands

Brain drain is a genuine concern that affects the Virgin Islands. It occurs when highly skilled or educated people leave the territory to pursue better opportunities elsewhere, usually on the mainland or in countries that offer higher wages, improved working conditions, and educational prospects. What this looks like here, is high school students graduate and leave the territory to go to college or join the military. After acquiring their degree and advancing in their field of study, they grow their skillset but remain on the mainland or even travel abroad for better job opportunities. This trend can have a disastrous impact on the local economy and the quality of life in the Virgin Islands and other Caribbean nations.

The reasons behind brain drain from the Virgin Islands are multi-faceted. One of them is the overwhelming pressure faced by young adults to get educated at better institutions overseas due to the limited resources available locally. Additionally, the lack of job opportunities and growth on the island, combined with difficulties in meeting educational needs, drives significant numbers of young people to remain on the mainland.

Financial strain is another factor pushing professionals away from the Virgin Islands. Most jobs available in these islands do not offer competitive salaries compared to those of their counterparts abroad, particularly in STEM fields. This creates an incentive for locals to pursue opportunities elsewhere, even if it means leaving their homeland behind. Moreover, economic difficulties only further discourage people from staying or returning home for good.

We must address these issues if we want to encourage individuals who left home to pursue opportunities abroad to #comehome. Not only because they will bring invaluable skills and knowledge with them but also because it would contribute towards the development of the local economy, providing more job opportunities for future generations. By doing so, we can establish a balance between quality-of-life and cost-of-living factors both in origin and destination countries alike.

The Impact on Migration, Talent and Economics

The Caribbean has experienced brain drain since colonial times, which is defined as the migration of highly skilled individuals seeking better opportunities elsewhere. Even one of our nation’s Founding Fathers who grew up in St.Croix, Alexander Hamilton, was a product of brain drain. He left St.Croix to pursue higher education in the colonies ending up in New York. The phenomenon of brain drain negatively impacts the Virgin Islands and other Caribbean islands due to the lack of opportunities and has led to decreased population and productivity, and ultimately an economic decline. Brain drain also affects migration patterns by inviting people from other countries to come to live in the Caribbean, increasing competition for jobs and resources. To combat this issue, the local government should consider offering incentives for retaining talent, reducing barriers for skilled foreign workers, and investing in education and training. This way, talented citizens can gain expertise abroad but return home to contribute to the local economy, ensuring that human capital is retained within the territory’s borders.

How To Build Resilience Against Brain Drain

The Virgin Islands STEM Talent Archive (VISTA+) is effectively tackling brain drain through its partnership the Virgin Islands Department of Labor (VIDOL) and the Government of the Virgin Islands. VISTA+ is a curated talent attraction and retention program launched by the UVI Research and Technology Park(RTPark), that connects tech & STEM professionals within the Virgin Islands diaspora with opportunities to work in our growing USVI tech community. The program’s goal is to build capacity for the growing tech hub in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). VISTA+ hosts a platform that allows USVI companies looking for tech or STEM talent to post current job vacancies including full-time and part-time jobs, apprenticeships, and internships in one central, curated location. In addition, the RTPark through it’s programs solution is providing access to education and training programs, increasing job opportunities and wages, and has created a tech hub to foster innovation.

Culturally, emigration may impact identity formation since migrants often adopt new cultures while maintaining their own through language and customs. Emigration should be viewed as an opportunity for personal growth, creating diverse global citizens with new skills and fresh perspectives that can ultimately help build resilience against brain drain.

Although brain drain is an unfortunate reality for many Caribbean countries, including the Virgin Islands. The causes are complex and diverse, yet they all lead to the same result: a loss of valuable human capital that could otherwise benefit the local economy. VISTA+ aims to  address this issue. VISTA+ is a program made by Virgin Islands for Virgin Islanders. Local talent attraction is a core part of the RTPark’s economic development efforts and not only helps reverse the “brain drain” in our community and economy, but also illustrates the immense tech talent that the Virgin Islands produces which helps foster business attraction from abroad.

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