VISTA+ is a curated talent attraction and retention program launched by the UVI Research and Technology Park, in partnership with the VI Department of Labor, that connects tech & STEM professionals within the Virgin Islands diaspora with opportunities to work in our growing USVI tech community. The program’s goal is to build capacity for the growing tech hub in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). VISTA+ hosts a platform that allows USVI companies looking for tech or STEM talent to post current job vacancies including full-time and part-time jobs, apprenticeships, and internships in one central, curated location. Concurrently, Virgin Islanders around the world who seek local jobs can register to access the platform, create a profile that showcases their skills and experiences, and apply for employment opportunities. The program aims to build a network within in our tech ecosystem.


VISTA+ is a program made by Virgin Islands for Virgin Islanders. Local talent attraction is a core part of the RTPark’s economic development efforts and not only helps reverse the “brain drain” in our community and economy, but also illustrates the immense tech talent that the Virgin Islands produces which helps foster business attraction from abroad. Eligible Virgin Islanders and companies include:


  • Any United States citizen domiciled in the USVI for one (1) year or more*;
  • A person who has attended a school in the USVI for at least six (6) years or is a USVI high school or UVI graduate and who is registered to vote in the Virgin Islands;
  • Any “Native Virgin Islander” defined as any person born in the USVI, is an offspring of a parent born in the USVI,or any person born outside the Territory to a “Native Virgin Islander”* or
  • A holder of a permanent resident card* domiciled in the USVI for one (1) year or more;
  • The spouse of any Virgin Islander as defined above, who wants to relocate to the VI with their spouse
  • Any student in their senior year who is graduating from a high school in the Virgin Islands, enrolled in college and majoring in any area under STEM;


  • Registered business in the USVI
  • Seeking employees to fill technology or STEM related jobs in the Virgin Islands
  • Interest in hiring Virgin Islands’ assets 


The Virgin Islands has produced plethora of high caliber tech and STEM talent working around the world. Attracting local talent back to the USVI adds value and quality human capital to local businesses and the community at-large in many ways. VISTA+ supports the continued development of a diversified ecosystem which:

  • Builds critical mass of an innovative workforce
  • Reverses the “brain drain”
  • Creates more local entrepreneurs
  • Preserves intergenerational networks of support
  • Aggregates years of experience working at successful institutions back into the Territory
  • Creates a resilience workforce familiar with cultural norms and traditions
  • And more!



  • USVI Candidates: Free access to VISTA+
  • RTPark Clients, EDC Beneficiaries, Non-Profits: Free access to VISTA+
  • Other Companies: A monthly or Annual Fee will be required to access VISTA+
VISTA+ Employer Pricing
Company SizeMonthly SubscriptionAnnual Subscription
1- 10$20.00$220.00
11 – 30$30.00$330.00
31 – 50$40.00$440.00
51 – 99$50.00$550.00


For more information please contact:

Sydney Paul, 
Business Intelligence & Marketing Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-340-474-0922
web: https://www.vistaplus.vi