Broadband VI, LLC

RT-70, Southcentral, St Croix, 00820
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Broadband VI was founded in the Virgin Islands in 2002. Everyone working in our offices loves living in America’s Paradise and we intimately understand that living in our remote location makes our connections to the rest of the world that much more important. Whether you are connecting with business colleagues around the globe, your child is working on homework, you are communicating with family and friends who live away, or you need to do some online shopping, we know that having fast and reliable service is important to you.

Staying connected in your business and personal life is important to you and your connection to Broadband VI is important to us. We work hard to keep your internet steady and fast and if you ever experience issues, please give us a call.

Broadband’s role in our islands’ community and as a member of the RTPark is important to us as well and we are passionate about the youth of the territory and their education. Broadband continually supports local schools, youth activities like steel pan groups and little league teams, and has employees teaching classes at UVI.