Frequently Asked Questions

As a candidate, you must be considered a “Virgin Islander” to register for the site. The term “Virgin Islander” includes several different definitions.  You can find definitions on our eligibility page. 

An eligible company must be registered business in the U.S. Virgin Islands and be seeking Virgin Islanders to fill STEM-related jobs in the Virgin Islands. 

Virgin Islands “Candidates” (job applicants) can access the site for free.  

RTPark and Accelerate VI clients can also access the site for free. All other businesses or organizations in the USVI must pay a fee based on the size of your business or organization. View the pricing breakdown here. 

No! The platform was created to include the entire Virgin Islanders diaspora living around the world! Keep in mind, that all jobs posted are based in the territory, so we hope this is a resource to help you return home to work. 

No! We encourage all Virgin Islanders working in STEM to register and create profiles regardless of their employment status.  This platform also serves as a database of the amazing talent we have working around the world.  We want to brag about our STEM talent! 

This is the beauty of the VISTA+! Not only will it serve as a job search platform, but also a database! The more Virgin Islanders that register and create profiles, the larger our data becomes where we can get a clear picture of our expansive STEM talent workforce all over the world! If you would like to request data, email

Yes! We can provide you with snapshots of the Virgin Islands STEM workforce based on the data that you need. For requests, please email 

We are currently working on integration capabilities with the Departments of Labor and Personnel. 

VISTA+ is designed as a job search platform at its core. Companies will not be able to post products or services to solicit customers. A business can create a detailed company profile to showcase the types of services they offer which provide insight for potential job seekers.

This platform provides jobs seekers a curated experience, specifically designed for Virgin Islands talent working in science, technology, engineering, math, and STEM-adjacent fields who are seeking jobs in the territory. Additionally, businesses in the USVI have an archive of talent easily tailored to their STEM workforce needs. This approach creates a smaller talent pool to vet and provides VI job seekers direct access to job opportunities at home.

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Please email if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions that can help make this resource even better.