Sustainable Development Associate

The Opportunity

The UVI Research & Technology Park Corporation is seeking a capable and ambitious professional with strong demonstrated experience in either global/international affairs, urban planning/policy, economics or environmental policy to serve as Sustainable Development Associate. Successful candidates will also possess superior quantitative, analytical and communication skills; meaningful experience working with a professionally and culturally diverse array of stakeholders; excellent organizational skills; and a commitment to social and economic justice.

The Sustainable Development Associate will be a core member of the RTPark team, and as such will be responsible for advancing key elements of the RTPark’s) business attraction and retention strategy. This individual will serve in a highly dynamic and expanding economic development program whose proactive strategic focus concentrates on recruiting companies in targeted technology and knowledge-intensive sectors (e.g., information technology, sustainable agriculture, health and medical, renewable energy, financial services). Reporting directly to the Senior Manager for Business Attraction & Strategic Planning, the Sustainable Development Associate will play a vital role in supporting implementation of key business attraction and entrepreneurship activities. S/he will focus on sector/industry research, supply chain analysis, creation of company- and market-specific value propositions, and the planning and implementation of forums designed to educate and inform prospective new clients as to the benefits of locating a business in the U.S. Virgin Islands.



1.     Conduct lead generation research supporting the RTPark’s sector-based business attraction, including, but not limited to sustainable development (e.g., renewable energy, marine science, renewable agriculture), thereby expanding the organization’s pipeline of prospective clients.


2.     Support the RTPark’s existing clients’ and partners’ in the sustainable development field efforts to partner with local and international NGOs, secure federal grants, and otherwise grow their businesses.


3.     Assume the lead in conceptualizing and designing a demonstration initiative that helps to establish the RTPark as a leader in sustainable development. Following are some illustrative examples of deliverables that would likely be undertaken as part of this effort:


a.     Identify early stage or more mature sustainability firms and help link them in a systematic way with local companies or institutions in the Territory that could purchase their products or services.

b.     Assess the technical assistance and financing needs of said sustainable development firms, and then work with RTPark team members and others on helping design new programs and tools to meet these needs.

c.     Catalogue best practices in the area of sustainable enterprise development to ensure that the RTPark, as an organization, is knowledgeable and well-positioned in this sector.


4.     Serve as a core member of the project team for Tech Village, a large-scale, sustainable agriculture-oriented mixed-use redevelopment project. In this role, the Sustainable Development Associate will concentrate on identification of prospective tenants for the office and research & development component, planning, and installation of solar infrastructure (inclusive of a micro-grid system).


5.     Develop technical assistance tools and modules for local farmers seeking to transition from a subsistence to a sustainable agricultural paradigm.


6.     Perform supply chain analysis that identifies enterprises presently doing business with U.S. Virgins islands companies and anchor institutions, and work with other RTPark team members to craft a marketing strategy designed to attract these businesses to the Territory.


7.     Research and draft issue papers and briefings on topics relevant to the RTPark’s sustainable development efforts.




·       Must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in sustainable development, environmental studies, economics, or business.

·       Experience working, interning, or volunteering with an EDO, NGO, or non-profit focused on sustainable development.

·       Prior experience living and/or working in the Caribbean, Latin America or a comparable region.

·       Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

·       Skilled at making clear and articulate presentations to a diverse array of stakeholders.

·       Comfort working in fast-paced, dynamic work environments with aggressive deadlines.

·       Demonstrated cultural competency and experience working across many different international and cultural divides.

·       Competency in Microsoft Office.